City consultant leads transition.

“We are in such a crisis that we have to ask for things that are absolutely politically infeasible,”

This is an incredible article even by Leader standards.


Why is the Washington State Government going to shut down next week?
It's simple, the House Democrats want the Senate Republicans to agree to Inslee's income tax proposal before the House votes on it. The Democrats are afraid to vote for their own tax, but they think their brinkmanship will force the GOP to vote for it and they are willing to shut down the state.

If the Democrats want to fight on this hill, they need to vote out their budget and taxes.  They want to negotiate on taxes they won't vote for. 


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   Wednesday June 24, 6pm

 Participants in our Hadlock meet-up agreed - it was fun to chat with like-minded friends.  This time the fun moves to the South County.  We Conservatives and Libertarians from Brinnon to Port Ludlow will join us at the Roadhouse.  Besides socializing and getting acquainted, topics of discussion will include the Quilcene School Board election, the Port Ludlow Fire Board election,  the 2016 County Commission election as well as Kees Kloff and the Port Townsendization of Jefferson County.  Bring a friend.



In a rare admission from a Seattle Times columnist, Danny Westneat wrote today:

"You can see it on their faces. Maybe it’s so clear because it’s so unusual in our blue state: Republicans are winning the state legislative session.  If you watch the few news conferences and hearings still being held in a mostly empty Capitol in Olympia, it’s obvious the Republicans know it’s all going their way. They’re just waiting around now for the Democrats to cave….

"But part of it is a more moderate GOP approach that deserves a lot of credit.  The Democrats are more generous in their budget to teachers and schools. But not by much. If the Senate GOP budget is adopted as-is it would still be the largest boost in K-12 schools funding in decades.  And on higher education, the Republicans blew the Democrats out of the water….

"Republicans stayed focused on mainstream stuff like education and the budget….

"But mostly the political year adds up like this: Bold Republicans plus weak Democrats times a strong economy equals a red budget in a blue state."

Pizza and Politics
Thursday May 21 at 6:30 PM
Ferino's in Port Hadlock 

An informal meet up for Jefferson county Republicans, conservatives, independents, libertarians and moderates.

Purpose:  get to know each other and discuss the direction of our state and county.

Cost to attend: donation requested but not required.

Questions:  call 360-34304041

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State Republican Party endorses 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative I-1366

 This past weekend in Lynnwood at their quarterly state committee meeting, the Washington State Republican Party endorsed our initiative. The State GOP has endorsed all previous 2/3 initiatives (I-601, R-49, I-960, I-1053, and I-1185) so this should come as no surprise.

 Nonetheless, we're thrilled to get their strong support. We believe much of the credit for this big endorsement goes to state senators Mike Baumgartner (R-Spokane) and Doug Ericksen (R-Ferndale) who sent the 100+ members of the state committee this letter before the vote:

 From: "Baumgartner, Mike" ; "Ericksen, Doug" 
Date: May 5, 2015 at 2:45:56 PM PDT 

Subject: Please support Initiative 1366 - 2/3 for tax increase 

To: WSRP County Chairs State Committee Members GOP Leaders From: Republican State Senators Doug Ericksen and Michael Baumgartner 

 Today we are writing to encourage you to vote to support the new 2/3 vote to raise taxes initiative. As members of the state senate we believe that a 2/3 requirement for tax increases or to create new taxes will accomplish many positive things for the people of Washington. 

 First, let us be clear, the ability of the government to take the hard earned dollars from the people of Washington should be treated differently from other types of legislation. The power of the state to take these dollars has a huge impact on our families and our communities. The more the government takes, the less families have to spend on what they consider to be priorities. The only way to control the size and growth of government is to make it more difficult to raise taxes. Each year in Olympia taxes are raised and government is not reformed. 

 A 2/3 requirement will force your legislators to do the following: 
 * Prioritize state spending 
* Seek more efficient use of existing tax dollars 
* Work together on solutions 
* Seek private sector reforms 
* Seek growth policies that will increase dollars coming in by growing the economy. 

 All of us understand the need for the government to collect taxes as part of civilized society. This initiative does not eliminate taxes, but simply makes it harder to raise taxes. Having the Washington State Republican Party endorse this initiative will be good for our Party's brand as defenders of the taxpayers. And endorsing the initiative will align the Party with the grassroots as well as Republican House members and Senators who all strongly support the 2/3 policy. Now is the time for leadership from all corners of our state to support this important initiative. Please join us in supporting and endorsing Initiative 1366, the 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative. 


Doug Ericksen, Senator 42nd District 
 Mike Baumgartner, Senator 6th District

The Jefferson County Republican Central Committee voted at our regular April meeting to endorse I-1366.   It's nice to see the WSRP follow our lead :-)