29 years ago today - we still grieve.


Obama campaign in Israel

It appears that US policy toward Israel is regime change and we have boots on the ground.

Barack Obama and State Department John Kerry are using taxpayer money to fund a group of Obama activists to go to Israel to support and finance and anti-Netanyahu campaign  in the March national elections in Israel.

Understand the significance of this!
The US government using US taxpayer money to finance Obama supporters to go to Israel , our only real ally in the middle east, to fund a campaign against the current sitting Prime Minister of Israel!

New York is slowing recovering from an historic computer model storm. 

The USA is still suffering from a computer model climate disaster.


AP backtracks and admits 2014 was not the warmest year in history

 The Washington Post reported that “the year 2014 was the hottest ever measured, based on records going back to the year 1880.”

Unless you live on the moon you’ve probably heard lots of feverish hype attributed to NASA about 2014 being the “hottest year” ever. And being NASA, you’d expect that they should know, given that they have all those advanced satellites we taxpayers bought them. 
Here’s a trick question: How many satellite recordings are there dating back to 1880?   this omission in his briefing he reportedly gave no response.  


WASHINGTON D.C. –Friday  1/23/2015 , a majority of the U.S. Senate voted in favor of an amendment expressing a Sense of the Senate that President Barack Obama’s greenhouse gas agreement with China has no force and effect in the United States
Nonsensus of opinion.
Climate Change is real, the climate changes. Always has, always will.

Nothing humans do will have much effect one way or the other. Jay Inslee's carbon tax will help grow the welfare state, but it won't "fix" the climate.

You'd think scientists would urge us to deal with protecting ourselves from the next big earth quake on the Pacific plate subduction fault. These quakes hit in 300 year cycles, the last one hit 315 years ago. When it comes, I-5 will be closed from the California Border to the Canadian border. US 101 will disappear in many place and will be impassable in most other places. Reducing your carbon footprint will not minimize the impact.

You might also think scientists would prioritize opening the nuclear waste depository at Yucca Mountain Nevada. Here in Washington the Hanford site has 177 tanks of toxic chemicals mixed with radioactive waste. about 7 are known to be leaking - more are believed to be leaking. Under an agreement between the State of Washington and the Department of Energy this waste was to have been stored at Yucca Mountain by 2012. What happened? Will reducing your carbon foot print clean up the most toxic site outside of Chernobyl?
Let's deal with our real problems.
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Let Russell Wilson be an inspiration for the Jefferson County GOP.  He shows us that even when you are down, the game goes on.   I concede that in our county we are down and the Progressives of Port Townsend are numerous and organized.  Russell Wilson turned his game around,  we need to turn our county upside down.  When the hardworking people of Chimacum, Hadlock and Quilcene decide to stop paying tribute to our feudal masters in Port Townsend we will rebound as a county with jobs, retail and growth.


Jefferson County property owners,

 Important steps, in the legal action against the Shoreline Master Plan developed by Jefferson County and the Washington State Dept. of Ecology, are hearings by the Western Washington Growth Management Board, on petitions to reject this SMP submitted by lawyers representing local property rights groups and others.

 The Olympic Stewardship Foundation and the local chapter of Citizens Alliance for Property Rights have both submitted petitions and briefs which are being reviewed at these hearings.

One hearing is to be held locally, 9 AM Wednesday, January 21 at the Harborside Inn - Peninsula Room - 330 Benedict St, Port Townsend, WA

We encourage all concerned property owners attend this hearing


Happy New Year from Steve Crosby

 Chairman's 2015 New Year's Message 

In December, I attended the annual Jefferson County GOP meeting in hopes that I could volunteer to play some role to affect a positive change.   Like you, I was disappointed that we did not field a slate of candidates in the 2014 election.    Unexpectedly it turned out that my role is to be your chairman.   

   Two weeks ago I had no plan to be chairman;  I am still trying to get up to speed on what is expected of a Chairman.   What I know for certain is that I can't do much by acting alone.  I am going to try to reach out to as many of you as I can in the next 90 days – if I don't get to you please call me.  I need for you to go to and renew your membership,  plan on attending the Lincoln Lunch and volunteering to help out with a committee.  Your help is needed. 

We can win.  

In 2010 Republicans surged nationally in a wave election.  After a stalemate in 2012, the wave returned in 2014.  It appears to me the last election was more than a wave, it's more like a rising tide.  A tide swept across the Cascades and spilled into Western Washington.  So far, Jefferson county is high ground for the progressive left; we may be a back water in a sea change that is  sweeping the country but we need to do our part to bring it here. 

We can expand our membership in Jefferson county by appealing to a broad coalition of conservatives.  While it's true that individual Republicans focus their attention on a diverse set of issues including: fiscal responsibility, liberty, constitutional government, property rights, religious freedom and social values; we should be united in our belief that the Progressive movement has run its course and that the unintended consequences of its success far outweigh any good intentions.  

As Republicans we can articulate an alternate vision from the Progressive left.   Their vision is one of materialism.  The tell us that equality of outcome, based on material wealth, will bring justice to everyone.  To achieve their vision they require a massive and powerful government that controls our lives, our education, our communication, our associations and our property.   

Our vision is one of place, beauty, friends, family and freedom.  We don't need a powerful government We need to achieve our vision is a free, educated people engaged in a civil society. 

The Jefferson County Republicans will field a slate of candidates in 2016,  and we will give our candidates dedicated support.  We need to believe we can win.  I believe it, and my pledge to you is to do everything in my power to make it happen. 

Happy New Year 

Steve Crosby 


Jefferson Republicans enjoy Chili Cook-off

Dave Stanko for Sheriff         Bob Barrett cooks chile

Jefferson Republicans enjoy chili and candidates


GOP at Quilcene Fair

Dr. Greisamer, (R.) candidate for State Legislature Dist 24

Gene Farr, chairman, Jefferson County Republican Central Committee

Larry Hovde, Quilcene GOP Superman


Republican Leads Climate Con

Read Original Article in Peninsula Daily News
Read Original Article in Peninsula Daily News
Read Original Article in Peninsula Daily News


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