A short video, great message... For Us All              I'm reasonably certain Elbert will not be invited to the White House anytime soon.

One of the best videos I have seen in a long time!              This is the video that went viral on the Internet .  Very few can express themselves with such clarity and purpose.
Why I am a Republican


Media Bias

The Seattle Times  is blaming $59,000 in campaign contributions, made by the oil industry to WA Republicans, for the failure of Jay Inslee's Cap and Trade plan.   The real reason Cap and Trade did not pass in Olympia is because not enough Democrats supported it. The bill was not supported because it is a bad idea.

What the Times should be asking is what effect did the $ 1.500,000 in campaign contribution made by, far left green activist, Tom Steyer have on Inslee's decision to bring this proposal forward in the first place?


22 Washington teachers who have been convicted of crimes against children are currently collecting their full pensions. 


JeffCom at 12:03 p.m. Feb. 21 dispatched the final call for Deputy Chief 202 - Moe Moser of Quilcene Fire Rescue - who has "answered his last alarm and arrived home safely."


Imagine the Firestorm

If a single bird dies from an oil spill the Left is up in arms.   Now we learn that a new government subsidized solar farm in Nevada kills 65 birds per hour.  This news comes out on the same day Obama vetoes the Keystone Pipeline.

*** Save the Birds,  Build the pipeline ***



Hearsay: Commissioner Sullivan at the MJ moratorium public comments meeting: 'you people in rural areas do not live in neighborhoods. You have no right to expect anything'


No warning

DNC Winter Meeting Agenda

Hackers steal DNC Winter Meeting Agenda


9:00 AM-10:00 AM:      MORNING SESSION

     Call to Order
     Collect Money to Pay for a Hillary Clinton Speech

10:00 AM-11:00 AM:      AUTOPSY REVIEW
     Part 1: Why Did We Lose Blue State Governor Races?
     Part 2: How Did We Get Crushed In The Senate?
     Part 3: What Happened To Our Tech Advantage?
     Part 4: How Small Is Our House Minority?

12:30 PM-1:30 PM:        FREE LUNCH
     Guest Speaker: President Barack Obama

1:30 PM-2:30 PM:        POLICY BRIEFINGS
     Option 1: Just Do What Tom Says: The Steyer Agenda
     Option 2: Netanya-WHO?!: Turning Our Back On Israel
     Option 3: Unions First, Students Second: Our Education Priorities
     Option 4: TBD: Democrats’ ISIS Strategy

2:30 PM-  3:30 PM:        COMMITTEE MEETINGS
     Resolutions Committee: Conference Room 1
     Executive Committee: Conference Room 2
     Primary Debate Committee: CANCELLED

3:30 PM- 4:30 PM:        TRAINING SEMINARS
     Seminar 1: Fundraising 101: **Speaker Needed!**
     Seminar 2: Not Ready For Hillary: Winning Over The Grassroots
     Seminar 3: Conflict Resolution Group Therapy: Preparing For A Clinton Campaign
     Seminar 4: Divide and Conquer: Exploiting Class and Cultural Divisions to win

     Cocktail Special 1: The MSNBC (Anything mixed with Kool-Aid)
     Cocktail Special 2: The ObamaCare (*prices change daily; extra taxes included*)
     Cocktail Special 3: The Pelosi (You have to order the drink to find out what’s in it!)
     Cocktail Special 4: The Warren (Features a gin[ned up] base)

6:00 PM- 8:00 PM:        DINNER
     Guest Speaker: Hillary Clinton (invited, not confirmed)

      Guest Lecture:Brian Williams Discusses Hillary Clinton’s Visit to Bosnia
      Special Debate: White House vs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Topic: Israel and Cuba
      Book Discussion: David Axelrod Examines Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Failures

oil trains

Derek Kilmer's vote against the Keystone pipeline is a vote in favor of oil trains.



Government never furthered any enterprise but by the alacrity with which it got out of its way. - Henry David Thoreau


Washington Secretary of State puts primaries over caucuses

Wyman plan requires parties to use Presidential Primary results

News Release
Issued: February 17, 2015

Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman is urging lawmakers to authorize a 2016 Presidential Primary and ensure that voters have a strong voice in the nominating process for the highest office in the land.
Wyman, the state‘s chief elections officer, said there will be huge public interest in the wide-open White House race next year, and that voters here deserve to be involved.
“My goal is to secure a voice for our Washington voters with a plan that assures a meaningful election where the results are used to allocate at least part of the national convention delegates from our state,” she said Tuesday in unveiling her plan.
“A primary engages voters and would attract the candidates to our communities to learn about our issues and concerns,” she said.
The Presidential Primary was created by lawmakers in 1989 as an Initiative to the Legislature, and is used in tandem with the caucus/convention process that chooses actual delegates.
The primary draws more than 10 times as many participants than the caucuses. Current state law says the caucus system is “unnecessarily restrictive of voter participation” and disenfranchises members of the armed service, people with work conflicts, those with disabilities and others who might not be able to attend a caucus.
The Wyman plan has been introduced in both House and Senate with bipartisan sponsorship, SB5978 and HB2139. Provisions include:
  • A “voter protection” provision says both major parties must demonstrate by Oct. 1 their intention to use the primary results in allocation of delegates. No particular percentage is included in the Secretary‘s bill.
  • A default date of the second Tuesday in March, rather than the current date of the fourth Tuesday in May. In 2016, this is March 8, one week after “Super Tuesday,” the earliest that most states can hold primaries or caucuses.
  • Voters will declare their party and vote for a candidate on that party‘s list of candidates. Lists of voters by party choice will be made public. The Presidential Primary is the only time Washington voters are asked to declare a party preference. Voters do not register by party.
  • If both parties do not agree to use the primary results to allocate at least some of their delegates, the primary would use a single ballot list of all candidates, with no party declaration or oath required of the voter, and no record kept of party affiliation.
  • Party leaders and the Secretary will meet soon to work on a mutually agreeable date. June 30 is the deadline to pick the date. The legislation moves forward primary-related deadlines to comply.
  • By law, the state covers the cost of the election. The estimate for 2016 is $11.5 million. Most of that is to reimburse the 39 counties for running the election. The state‘s cost of about $628,000 is to provide a Voters‘ Pamphlet.
  • The election would be conducted by mail over the course of 18 days.
  • The caucus/convention process would remain the vehicle for choosing the actual delegates, and for platform development and party-building.



Republican Central Committee Meeting
Thursday Feb 19, 7pm at the County Library in Hadlock 
All dues paying members are welcome at the meeting. 


Seen on Twitter:  I hope the Danes don't get on their high horse and forget the atrocities committed by the Vikings in the name of Odin.  

Iowahawk:  "Did you every notice that cartoonists are labeled controversial,  but the people who shoot them are not."
Finally a scientific consensus: India Science Congress: 2 of 3 scientists “felt fears of man-made global warming were greatly exaggerated”


The Big Lie

** The Big Lie **

The CEO of Gallup is calling BLS unemployment data the "Big Lie". 

One does not have to look very hard to know that the labor market is troubled.  Wages are stagnate, business birth/death ratio is negative, consumer spending fell in January,  Gallup reports that the "underemployed" rate is 16% and the ranks of those, who have simply left the work force, stands at 40 million.

The root cause?  For every one job created under Obama, two immigrants have come into the country.